Birding in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest & Virunga Mountains

Birding in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Virunga Mountains

Birding in Bwindi Impenetrable & Virunga Mountains

Uganda’s remarkable avian diversity (over 1000 species within an area the size similar to that of Great Britain) can be attributed to its location between the East African Savannah, West African rain forests and semi-desert of the North. Uganda offers easy access to bird-rich habitats that are difficult to reach elsewhere.

Bwindi and Virunga is a prolific and most certainly one of the best birding locations in East Africa. It is the ideal habitat for a variety of birds, with 350 species recorded in bwindi, including 23 endemics (90% of all Albertine Rift endemics)

The following species regarded by birders as special to the park include Short-tailed Warbler, Blue-headed Sunbird, Black billed Turaco, Yellow eyed black flycatcher, Black bee-eater, and Kivu ground Thrush, Garners Warbler, Bar-tailed blue Trogon, Africa blue and white-tailed blue flycatchers and Red-headed bluebill. Birding in bwindi takes place along the main trail, the Kashasha river valley and Ivy river trail, the Buhoma waterfall trails, along the bamboo zone, and bwindi swamp trail in Ruhija.

The location has been received by birders that have stayed with us looking for Bwindi forest endemics.Kisoro Tours Uganda have a well trained team of birding guides working on birding Safaris send us enquire for detailed itineraries.

Birding in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Virunga Mountains

Birds of Uganda: over 1000 species recorded, including African green broadbill (NE), Archer’s robin-chat (NE), Blue-headed sunbird (NE), Chapin’s flycatcher (NE), Dusky crimsonwing (NE)

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