Golden Monkey Habituation Experience-Gorilla Habituation Bwindi Forest

Golden Monkey Habituation Experience-Gorilla Habituation Bwindi Forest

 Golden Monkey Habituation Experience-Gorilla Habituation Bwindi Forest, mountain gorilla habituation experience can only be found in Uganda’s bwindi impenetrable forest national park-Rushaga sector, for the normal gorilla tracking it can be done in three countries Uganda, Rwanda and DR-Congo, but for case habituation experience which allows you to spend a full day with mountain gorillas learning their behaviors, training them to get used to human presence, learning how to communicate and listening to the great apes of the world, whole you are going for the great gorilla habituation experience activity you will be lead by professional gorilla researchers park-rangers and tracker who have all the knowledge and know the bwindi forest very well, by booking for gorilla habituation it give you chance to spend more time with gorilla than just gorilla tracking which allows you only one hour with gorillas. For anyone interested in mountain gorilla habituation Rushaga sector of bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda is the place to be.Gorilla Habituation Rushaga Sector

Uganda Gorilla Habituation Experience in Bwindi Forest-Rushaga

Habituation experience begins with a briefing park ranger/guide from Uganda Wildlife Authority, after briefing you join a big team of park ranger/guides, trackers and researchers then start the world most exciting wildlife experience of your life time only found here in Uganda “The Pearl of Africa”

What to Bring and Wear for Gorilla Habituation Experience in Uganda?

You must have the following items for you to enjoy and have a successful mountain gorilla habituation experience and golden monkey in the impenetrable forest of Africa.

  1. Remember to take with you a good packed lunch
  2. You must put on a proper hiking jungle boots
  3. Take with you at list a minimum of 2litters of drinking water
  4. Bwindi is a rain forest so you have take with a jackets and some other warm cloth to charge after rain
  5. Hiring a porter, it’s an optional item but we recommend it to all our clients who are gorilla habituation experience or gorilla tracking to take a porter, during your walk to the gorillas you will someone to push or a pull and the port cost only $15
  6. Make sure that your camera is ready, full charged with extra batteries
  7. You have to wear a long sleeved trousers, shirts/blouse to avoid insects like ants entering your trousers or shirts/blouses
  8. Garden gloves to protect your hands during walk through the forestUganda Golden Monkey Habituation Experience-Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Uganda Golden Monkey Habituation Experience Mghinga Gorilla Nation Park?

In Uganda both golden monkey tracking and habituation experience is done in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park-Virunga mountain range located in the southwestern Uganda Kisoro area bordering with Rwanda and DR-Congo.

The procedures of golden monkey habituation experience is exactly the same as of gorilla habituation experience, golden monkey is also another rare endangered primates found in Uganda, golden monkey habituation experience is a full day activity bring you closer to interact with golden monkeys for more time.

Kisoro Tours Uganda will organize for you this combination safari of the world greatest apes gorilla habituation experience and golden monkey habituation experience, this combination of mountain gorillas and golden monkeys can only be found in Uganda.

Golden Monkey Habituation Experience-Gorilla Habituation Bwindi Forest

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