Hike the smoky mount Nyiragongo(3 days / 2 nights)

Hike the smoky mount Nyiragongo
Hike the smoky mount Nyiragongo / One memorable hike

Day 1

Enjoy a beautiful drive through the land of a thousand hills to reach Gisenyi the largest port on Lake Kivu. After lunch clear customs at the boarder crossing and enter the Democratic Republic of Congo. Overnight: Goma.

Day 2

Today is the real adventure when you spend a day hiking the live volcano Nyiragongo. The 4-5 hour hike through lush rainforest takes you to the spot where the volcano erupted in 2002. Overnight: Cabanas at the top of the volcano.

Day 3

Breakfast followed by a city tour which gives you an insight in to the impact of the 2002 eruption that left Goma resembling a modern day Pompeii with cars and houses trapped in the lava flow. Return to Rwanda in the afternoon where the tour ends. Overnight: Gisenyi or Kigali

Lava lakes are huge volumes of molten lava which form in the vents or craters of volcanoes. Lava partially fills the crater or vent following an eruption, or when a new vent erupts for a period of weeks, leaving a crater that then fills with lava. They usually have a grey crust that forms over the top as the molten rock partly solidifies in the cooler air. This crust measures between two inches (5cm) and 11.8 inches (30cm) and after it forms it gradually shifts and moves into the molten lava below and is replaced by another crust. This process can take a few minutes, or a few hours depending on the size of the lake. This movement is often referred to as ‘tectonic’ activity because it resembles the way in which the Earth’s plates move, spread and slip. Mount Nyiragongo is part of the Virunga volcanic chain that straddles the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. It is one five major lava lakes that have formed since the 1980s and has remained in existence for decades.

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